Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diva Fabulosa: A Review

Dear Reader,

First words that come to mind when I hear the words Diva Fabulosa is it has to be a fashion blog. True enough, I am not disappointed. That goes to show that the blog's title is perfect for it.

Diva Fabulosa is authored by the fabulous Diva herself, Jade.With a fabulous diva at the helm of this very chic and fashionable blog, you definitely can't go wrong. If you want to learn about the newest fashion trends, whether for swimsuit, laptop skins, and even learn things like fashion photography. This blog is for you.
The header says you'll chat about love, fashion and celebrities. Truly what all females love to chat about.

The blog is written in a conversational matter, engaging its reader with witty repartee. The topic ranges from anything fashionable, men's clothing, women's of course, and even beauty products. Well, indeed to look fashionable must one also look his/her best. I've even fallen for that bag when she was talking about bright colors as being hot.

Have I written about the template yet? I'm drooling over it. Once again, I am gravitating towards a blog design by Kaye. Seriously, I am now a big fan. Let's hope I get drawn as a lucky contestant so I have the money to buy myself a blog design.

I love the layout which is a 3-column blog template with 2 sidebars at the right.It's my dream design. It makes the blog look neat and uncluttered. Pretty navigation bar which will make your life easier as you jump from what the blog has to offer to another category. Simplicity and beauty at its best.

Go on. I know you yourself want to become a fabulous diva, and you will courtesy of Diva Fabulosa

*This is a review, an entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest.*


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