Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pen, Paper, Pan: A Review

Dear Reader,

Don't you just love that header? Well, what do you know, that header was the brainchild of the 2 geniuses hosting the biggest contest in the blogniverse, Kaye & Pehpot. Yes, this is a blog review for the said contest. What I'm discovering is that I'm turning out to be a fan of the layouts they've been churning out. Have you seen the Marce Club and the portfolio of WAHMaholic.

Pen, Paper and Pan from the title alone makes me imagine a food blog. A writer for a food blog. Those were my expectations. The blog is actually a personal blog which is the journey of a woman who is embracing the life of a full time work at home mom. The layout, is super cute, unique, stands out and very neat and pretty. Clear Categories and Archives are posted on the sidebar so the blog is easy to navigate.

Some posts are about earning money online. She also joins in some weekly memes like Girls Talk, Mommy Moments, Couple's Corner, Litratong Pinoy and Food Trip Friday which I so thoroughly enjoy looking at the photos. She also loves to join blog contests and there are stories of her and her family.

It's a blog you will thoroughly enjoy. The blog is written in 2 languages. Filipino for the Litratong Pinoy entries and English in most of the others. Readers who can't understand Filipino however, will appreciate the fact that the entries in Tagalog are filled with photos depicting a theme since it is done in participation to a weekly photo meme.

It has anything and everything that you would or might be interested in. You can't go wrong by reading Pen, Paper, Pan.


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