Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Woman of Many Talents

*This is a blog review in the hopes of winning in the biggest contest in the blogniverse hosted by Kaye & Pehpot*

Dear Reader,

You should realize by now, or if you haven't, know by now that Pehpot is a woman of many talents. She must be since she is able to write with much credibility and integrity on such a wide array of subject matters and writing on wait, let me count, 7 different blogs all at the same time. The one I'll be talking to you about right now is one more talent that has also been obvious in her food blog. I'm talking about Pehpot as the shutter bug. She is also a photojournalist. Camerasexy is a photoblog that speaks to you in pictures, which just goes to show that truly a picture is worth a thousand words. I particularly like this photo of a crib. It makes me wish I used a wooden one for my kids. I can just imagine Sati in it. I've never known that when you cook 'Nilaga' you can also use a dip . She never fails to amaze me and I bet you would be amazed too. From photos of dips, cribs, tasty food, faces and dessert, Camerasexy will just make you want more. The layout of the blog is perfect for a photoblog with enough emphasis on photos and uncluttered sidebar. The black background for the photos is enough to make the photos pop more. White for any text or caption is just beautiful against the black. Seriously, you will be amazed and entertained as you flip through photos of her life and loves.


agree ako mys.. talented talaga si peh.. pati photography, alam nya. parang supermom ano?


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