Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reviewing My Journey to Life

I first met Ria as the winner of Online Mommy's contest. She won and my prize contribution was a post signature. I had to ask her whether it was Mel, Ria, or Melandria, Melandria is her daughter. She's Ria. So the post signature at her site is made by me. She was so easy to work with and she made quick choices. I made the decision however to do everything in Pink, to match her layout. Speaking of layouts, her blog layout is truly unique, and she made it herself. It's magazine type and her footer has all sorts of link lists categorized to what other blog you might be looking for. Her posts mostly consists of contests and she's a new addition to couchers! She likes to join blog carnivals and tells personal stories about her daughter.She also likes movies.
She enjoys blogging and joining contests. As far as I've seen, she has been very lucky. She's won a lot of contests already. So if you're looking for recent contests, stories of raising a child, mommy moments or a pick for a movie, go and visit her site. It will surely have something to offer to you.
Just one thing to add, since this is a review and I hope she takes it constructively. I was looking for her archives, I couldn't see one. I think an archive is needed in a blog for your new readers to learn more about you. But it might just be my browser. So, if you know Ria and she has an archive that I can't see, can you tell me? Thanks.


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