Friday, February 26, 2010

A Mom's Life and Loves: A Review

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Dear Reader,

                       The blog resides in a very interesting domain. El Caliente Mamma, if I'm not mistaken is Spanish for Hot Mamma. I checked out the link to the author and true enough, the author is indeed a hot mamma to 2 cute children. The layout is pretty and nice. You know, I'm a sucker for black, it just has that much impact and the layout is modified by no other than the author herself, Sam or Samantha since we're not close yet. She's a blog designer and has designed for Wordpress themes, one blog which I have reviewed in this contest too. I have to admire the fact that her blog post title font is different from her body font which is a tweak that I really enjoy. I love seeing the script font at her blog titles.One little thing though, I'm missing the categories page, so I can know what she writes mostly about.

Contentwise, the blog boasts of posts which are sponsored posts, and opinions as the writer asserts that she is opinionated. Articles with a wide range of interests, of friends, occassions, baby pictures and so much more. The blog enjoys a healthy pr of 2 and an alexa ranking 500,000+ which is worth mentioning. Music videos are also posted, so certainly the blog has anything that you might like and enjoy. The posts are written in a conversational manner so you certainly will enjoy the chat.




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