Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Careless Whispers: A Review

Dear Reader,

Careless Whispers is not about the song that made Hayden Kho and whats her name famous. It is a personal blog. Unfortunately, I can't find who. There is a photo of the blogger though, so never fear. The blog header is simple with a small space for the main posts and a single sidebar. The simplicity of the header invites intrigue and mystery which will make you go on and read the entries.

The blog is filled with tags, stories, ads, day to day events. I'm loving the posts on health, safety issues and contests which are my favorite issues. She has a child who has scoliosis. I think it's very hard for a mom when her kids are sick. I feel her concern in her posts. She's looking for all the ways that scoliosis can be cured/treated. The blogs are informative and others are entertaining.It truly is something that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

When I review blogs, I now have things I look for. I look for archives. I look for categories or labels since they are important which has been pointed out to me. I look for the author. I don't begrudge those who have a one column-sidebar. I have the same and we all suffer the same thing. Organizing the sidebar in a way that they make sense and dumping some at the footer. Hopefully the author of the blog takes note of what I write since I bet most of the reviewers would look for the same thing.


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