Monday, February 8, 2010

Home Buddies makes you feel at home

Dear Reader,

* I am here to provide another review of a wonderful blog which will capture your attention and jump right on to that blog. Note: This is for Kaye & Pehpot's Biggest Blogversary Contest which has invaded the universe of blogging*

A refreshing feminine blog meets your eyes. I say feminine since I associated her favicon of a butterfly to a female. Mariposa just sounds like a girl don't you think? Checking to see who wrote the articles, the name would be: Fedhz. My mind shifts to a memory. I've been here before. She talked about a little girl and getting a laptop for her, so she can watch Dora. I easily related to this entry but because my daughter wants to play jigsaw puzzle games in the pc. Instantly, I fall in love with the blog with the refreshing layout, flowers, green and butterflies. So relaxing. I love that the sidebars are a plethora of information. Online earnings and from what opportunities. Links to Friends and other blogging sites. The big bonus for me is the Archives Section since its a drop down menu, it;s less cluttered. I also love the fact that Categories are divided into subcategories as well and that's not all you get, there's a bonus of a label cloud which also helps in narrowing down any topic you'd love to find.
What's more is the articles themselves are so engaging and interesting. It really touches the basic things in life that a person has or needs. From the articles, I can deduce that the writer is very much health conscious and a devoted mom and wife. The blogger is also a budding photojournalist, I think my pick would be her favorite shot. It's positively gorgeous. As Kikamz commented, it looks great for a picturesque shot, love to save it as a desktop wallpaper.

Fedhz of Home Buddies has a lot to offer, from personal stories about her daughter, gadgets, food, oh I'm missing Brownies Unlimited so much because of her post, to think there were no brownies in the photo. The photos and the content of the blog are very engaging. Reading her blog is surely an experience worth trying.


Hihi! thanks! si boylet po ang nagdesign ng blog ko. he knows i like butterflies, flowers and of course, color green! hihi.

uu nga eh, niubos ko na brownies kaya wala na sa pic. hehe

sana nga po makagawa pa ko ng isa pang photoblog. hayz. thank you thank you! feel ko din ung dropdown archive. option un sa wordpress kaya di na kelangan ng plugin. hooray!

btw, we sold the laptop na para makabili ng 32" lcd tv. hehehe



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