Monday, February 22, 2010

Her and History: A Review

Dear Reader,

Meet the blogger who has finished all of the reviews and is now happily commenting and visting sponsor blogs. No other than Genebei Faith. Such a cute name. Did you notice her post signature? It's made by Kaye, one of the blogging geniuses who dreamed up this biggest contest in the blogniverse which Gene has already done. Wah.

I know her from some of the other contests she've already entered. She's also a coucher like me. I'm pretty sure that I've visited her blog before, but it didn't look like this,then. I love how she writes, it sounds as if she's pretty much having a conversation with you. The reviews she've made for the contest is truly impressive, she uses both the technical and conversational tones in the review.

I love how she shares her stories and I like her even more after having discovered that she's a teacher. I have a soft spot for teachers. My mom is a retired one. I also love that the blog is filled with pictures of her family. It just touches the heart.

Get to know Her and History even more by visiting her today. It is a blog that will warm you up. From contest hunters to mommy bloggers and everyone in between. Genejosh will give you something to read that you'll absolutely adore and cherish.


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