Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How I Earn Online: A Review

Dear Reader,

*This is a blog review for the 2 blog geniuses Kaye & Pehpot. It is an entry to their biggest contest in the blogging universe. If you haven't heard about it. Find out more by clicking at their button on the right*

Here's a review for a blog that you've already met the writer. Remember Fedhz of Home Buddies? This is her blog and she shares with you how she earns online. I find this blog encouraging and very inspirational. I find it inspirational since I once earned in my blog but so far haven't been that lucky as of now. There are posts which reflects what she has earned from her reviews or sponsors. I love the minimalistic look of the blog. It's clean, straightforward and very neat looking. The categories show you just what agencies she has signed up for. The blog loads in just 5 seconds and you aren't redirected anywhere you might not want to go to.

Aside from blog earnings, she also earns from mylot, an online forum, paid to post/write reviews and text link ads which are some things I really don't know about. I just might ask her about it. So I can get to earn. One more thing on her list that made me stop and look was that she earned from paypal wishlist. That totally sounds cool.

Just in case you missed the lottery results, well, she posts them on her site too. So for new bloggers, serious bloggers, and persons who just want to earn money while they are online. Her site: How I Earn Money Online is a must-read for you.


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