Monday, February 1, 2010

A Love Story like No Other

Dear Reader,

I was going to write about 50 First Dates, to veer away from my usual picks of dramatic love stories. But then I saw that Rossel has already written about it. Then, I remember crying about this movie, liking it since it had different twists and turns and more. Before I go on and on about it, this movie stars Michelle Trachtenberg, famous as Buffy's little sister and as the infamous Georgina in Gossip Girls. The guy is Will Estes of American Dreams.

The title of the movie is The Dive from Clausen's Pier. The plot like every love story is simple yet complicated. The movie starts with highschool sweethearts Carrie and Mike. They're the couple you write in your slumbooks as the 'first to get married', been steady since forever and the perfect couple.An accident shocks the couple apart. Mike jumps into the pier, unknowingly, the water is shallow, so he becomes a quadriplegic. Then, the unspeakable happens, Carrie dumps him to go to New York and pursue an ambition that is yet to be defined. She hooks up with Kilroy, whom she doesn't really know.
In the end, she decides to choose to straighten out her life, and try to face her past so she can move on with her life.


i haven't seen this one yet mys. looks very interesting.. when did this movie come out? di naman lousy ang pick mo... kaw talaga.

sali ka sa giveaway ha? yup, i do international shipping. hope you win! hehe! you only need one more entry to be qualified. hugs!

thanks for joining this week mys. next week, our theme is For The LOVE of Kids/Children. take care and happy tcp!


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