Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Girls Rule! : A Review

* This is a blog review of the fabulous blog Girls Rule for the biggest contest in the blogging universe, the one for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest *

Girls Rule is a totally a girl power blog. It celebrates anything and everything about being a girl, a woman, a friend and a whole lot more. The blog stands out above the rest with its beautiful blog template. I just adore a blog who has falling stars moving across the page as your cursor does too. It is a very personalized template with beautiful white polkadots against a cute purple background. I also love vectors/cliparts and the header just makes you want to relax. You would most likely pour your soul to the author of the blog and become a girl talker soon as you join the very famous Girls Talk meme which is hosted on that blog every Thursday. The January edition was very controversial because of the "first" edition. Luckily, I escaped an embarassing story when I decided to join the First Boyfriend topic.

If there's anything you must know, Niko is a very devoted mom, and when you read her posts, I can't help but root for her too since she really wants the prize money for her daughter. The blog is full of stories of friendship and you can't help but admire her on her stand against battered women. I am simply amazed that when she has an opinion, she isn't afraid to make a stand. That's Niko for you. So, be sure to go on Girls Rule, I'm sure you'll find something great to read, and hey, why not join her wonderful meme too? I try to join as much as I can, I bet you'll find it an interesting experience


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