Monday, February 15, 2010

The Blogger Hub: A Review

Dear Reader,

Yay! I'm in blog heaven. I just stumbled upon a kind of site that I tremendously enjoy. That's no exaggeration. I am one of those bloggers who love to learn more about blog tweaks, blog hacks, specially used in blogspot or Blogger.

I also just adore layouts and templates!

The blog is relatively new. It was born this year, the 2nd of january. Did you see its header? The blog is about tutorials, and templates, my favorite topics aside from

books and movies

of course. If you want to know what the blogger hub is all about, then you have to visit the very first post. I found some very interesting posts on how to boost your pc performance which is a must read for all of us bloggers. Then there's also a post on how Blogger can now give you static pages. You can add an about me page, contact page, and a whole lot more. I think Blogger gives us a maximum of 10 pages and it will appear as links in our sidebar. Speaking of which, did you check out the blog layout? I love the header, that much I can tell you. I love cliparts/vector images as headers. It creates more impact for me. I've also started being biased on pink. I chalk it up to having a daughter as my first child. So if you're a reader who loves to learn about the latest blogging hack, blogging tweak, blogger things, then go ahead and mingle in The Blogger Hub.

*This is a Blog Review entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. If you don't know what this contest is all about, please check out my sidebar and click the appropriate button*


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