Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Letters that I'll Never Send: To Kaye & Pehpot

Dear Kaye & Pehpot,

I didn't expect that I will be writing this to you but since most of the posts I've made for this month mentions both of you, I guess it almost sounds logical. Anyway, this is supposed to be a letter of appreciation. I think without your blog contest, most of my entries for this month would have been forced with cheesiness (as if I'm not cheesy) and all the romantic things that involve love. Instead, I am glad to be learning more of new bloggers that I would have not encountered had I not joined your contest. I love that my writing skills are being honed, I am in doubt whether they have improved but at least I gave it my best shot. I am constantly rooting for Niko, Chris and Kikamz and Tetcha too. I've also enjoyed receiving reviews. Hopefully, if I earn some money or when I do, I can get to make a contest or draw a prize from those who painstakingly reviewed my blog. What I'm really saying is, since I think I'm doing a roundabout... Thank you. I've learned so much more about my blog and how it appears to other people. Your contest widened my horizons and made me learn that nothing is lost in trying. For that, I thank both of you so much.


That sounds like an awesome contest.I would love to find some time and join in.


aw am always touched by ur gestures of love mys.. nakkaiyak nmn na ur rooting for me..:((

i wish u win too.. hmmmmm may the best blogger wins! :)

anyways, hub's letter was sched tlag for today.. mali lng sched nya kaya u thought its for last week :D

fyi, jean and joey were married jan 23. joey passed away feb 3 on a motor accident :( saddest and tragic for all of us. jean is husband's fave cousin..

he wrote for joey and i for jean who's been a friend before i met husband.. anyways thanks for ur meme ha... atleast nalalabas ko hihih. :D

thanks din sa KP contest! am looking forward na nga for nxt year eh.. siguro $500 na ang 1st prize :) hihih


it's funny that we both have the same entry for this week's letters. i wrote for kaye and peh too. hihi! and you were rooting for me pa. thanks for that.. looks like you are going to win big too.. at the rate you are going. go mys!!!!


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