Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Woman Remembers: A Review

Dear Reader,

If there is anything that I know a woman does better than anything else, it is that A Woman Remembers.This is a blog review of A Woman Remembers: The Life and Love of a Woman. The bright yellow and the photo of a butterfly is truly mesmerizing. The header perfectly describes what the writer wishes to convy about the blog.

The life and love of a woman. Her journey as she lives a life in sweetness and serenity. Her thoughts and feelings reflecting her everyday experiences, her views, her passion, life events and everything else.

I love my timing in the review of this blog. I discovered that she likes to join contests too. There's one running right now which she just participated in. The sidebars are full of interesting tidbits like links to where you can earn money online. It's a personal blog and she's a proud mom. I love the way his son models his personalized bag.The blog has been active since January last year and personally I'm impressed with the number of friends and opportunities that has come this blogger's way. I like the label cloud which just helps you in getting to know what most of her posts are about.

What are you waiting for? Head on out to A Woman Remembers. It's going to be a blog you aren't likely to forget.


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