Monday, February 22, 2010

TCP: For Love of Family

Dear Reader,

This is my entry for today's theme: For Love of Family.

I am not sure whether anyone has seen this. I saw this at Hallmark Channel and though I saw it on tv it is defined as made for tv movie.

The title of the movie is: Gracie's Choice.

The Summary: Threatened once again with juvenile hall and foster care as a result of her drug-addicted mother's irresponsible behavior, seventeen-year-old Gracie make an unprecedented sacrifice to keep herself and her siblings together-by fighting the courts to become legally emancipated from her mother, terminate her parenting rights, and be named the boys' adoptive parent.

If you're interested: Here's a clip of the movie. This is the end of the movie and shows the decision of the court.

My version of the summary: Gracie is a smart student being raised by her grandmother. The welfare checks keep coming, she maintains a job while going to school. Her mom is a no-good mom played by Anne Heche. It's a very dramatic movie. The guidance counselor tries to help her. Her boyfriend tries to help her but then he also gets scared of the thought that she wants to be a mom to her brothers though all of them are her half-brothers. She learns that when you open a bank account, your money earns you money. Things like that which she learns will help her family in the long run. To see the judges' decision on her emancipation. Watch the video clip.
Kristen Bell is famous for playing Veronica Mars, starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Couples Retreat, also the voice of Gossip Girl. She also played Elle Bishop in Heroes (the tv series).

More movies? Click on the banner on top and tell me what's your pick in this genre!

P.S. Gracie's Choice is based on a true story and here's the link to an article from Reader's Digest.


interesting mys... sayang, made for tv movie. meron kayang dvd na mabibili nyan? would love to watch it. i thought the girl looks familiar. kaya pala, kasi i saw her in veronica mars. i loved that series back when i was still in japan. hehe!

thanks for joining this week mys.. next week, we will feature School is Fun movies. till then, take care and happy tcp!


Hi Mys, great pick. I have seen this movie countless of times. It is beautiful and very heart warming. Imagine she choose to break up with her boy friend and rather takes care of her brother. galit na galit ako sa nanay ng movieng ito hehehe she just after with the money that the social service is giving for each of the kids. its a must see movie.

mine is here


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