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TCP: For the Love of Kids

Dear Reader,

It's Tuesday once again, and of course, its time for my favorite meme of the week. This is the meme which never fails to surprise me since I can never guess what the popular entry would be. Then there are just entries that are entirely new to me that I become glad of the discovery like Fireproof and The Rebound that were some of the entries last week. (Feeling host ba na nagrecap?)

I almost hit a blank wall on this one until I remembered my favorite actor. Robin Williams will never fail me in any category. OMG! See, it just reminded me that I should have recanted or at least added additional entries and added What Dreams May Come as my favorite lovestory of all time, with that is Sweet Home Alabama. Hay, makes me feel like doing a do-over.

On to my entry for this week. Here's a few hints, Pierce Brosnan is in it. It showcases the million and more talents of Robin Williams. It shows that you can have a petting zoo in your house for a birthday party. Still no guesses? What about this photo?

What do you do when after you get a divorce, you are only allowed to visit your kids once a week? Daniel, who is an actor with a million voices decides that he can't stay away from his kids so he sabotages his wife's Miranda's advertisement in the paper as she looks for a nanny for their kids. Daniel goes to his brother, asks that he changes his looks and turns into the proper and very Scottish, Mrs. Doubtfire. In the process, he learns to cook, takes care of his children better and turn his life around. More comedic moments when his wife has a suitor in the form of Pierce Brosnan. Other funny scenes would include his son seeing Mrs.Doubtfire peeing while standing up. Lessons are learned when the restaurant scene happens. This is in celebration of Miranda's birthday and the disastrous meeting with his new boss where he's going to pitch his idea for a new tv show for kids. Daniel (RW) sabotages Stu's (PB) dinner since he's allergic to pepper. Daniel runs back and forth from his table with his family as Mrs. Doubtfire and to the other table, his boss's as Daniel.Drinking with his boss, he begins to screw up little by little till in the end, he sits on the boss's table as Mrs. Doubtfire and had to double back as Stu chokes on his jambalaya. When Daniel does the Heimlich maneuver on Stu, the wig comes off and it is discovered that Mrs. Doubtfire and Daniel is one and the same person. With this happening, the court judges that he will have supervised visits and he defends himself by saying that he loves his kids so much and that's what made him do it. Happy endings happen when in the end, Miranda decides on no supervised visits, and that Daniel gets his new job, his show as Mrs.Doubtfire. It's touching when you see the movies end. There's a portion of the show where he gets a letter from a child asking about a divorce.

Hope you enjoy the clip. Need to get your movie fix? Click on the banner above.


katuwa ka naman mys.. pwede ka nang gawing guest host for the TCP! gusto mo? hehhe! but seriously, i am glad that you are enjoying TCP.

natuwa ako sa review mo about mrs. doubtfire. tumpak na tumpak ang description kaya ako napa LOL dito. buti na lang at tulog pa si samantha ko. hihi! i love this movie too. pag parent ka nga naman, you would do everything just to be able to be with your kids, even to change for the better. i'd say this is a great pick!

thanks for joining us this week. next tuesday's theme: For the LOVE of Nature. till then, take care and happy tcp! hugs!


I hope I don't draw a blank for next week. Hmm. I'm feeling Michael Jackson...but that's music not movies. I hope I get that AHA moment this week in between writing reviews. I love your meme. Kung pwede ka nga ding maghost ng tv shows na meme eh, join din ako.


I saw Mrs. Doubtfire when it first came out. But that was too long ago I've completely forgotten the story. Thanks for bringing it back to mind. I love comprehensive reviews like yours.


I love this movie, I can watch it over and over again and I will never get tired. I don't know why I don't have a copy of it, Hmmmm...


hindi ko napanood toh.. hahanapin ko talaga tong movie na to.. para kasing ang gandang panoorin...


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