Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clarisse After Dark: A Review

Dear Reader,

                             So far, I've reviewed mostly Wordpress or Blogger hosted blogs. This is the first I've encountered that uses Bravenet. For those in the know, Bravenet is also a great host for free blog sites. They offer tons of services like guestbooks, polls, and you also get to design how your blog looks. But I digress,
Clarisse After Dark is a personal blog that speaks of stories about her husband, decisions they face, and a whole lot more. The blog's layout is quite different from what I'm used to but no less charming. I love that the archives are named the Wine Cellar. There's also a photo and when you try to learn more about who the author is, you are directed to page where her location is and who her friends are. Well, most would tell you anyway that you are who your friends are.

                            What actually grabs my attention is the quote at the header. " I'm not a good writer. But I write from the heart. Is that good enough? Undoubtedly, my answer would be yes. I believe that most people blog to share information, relieve their stress from their life, and to just express themselves. Writing with your heart is actually what should drive a blogger.

                            One more thing that will get you hooked to Clarisse's blog besides the fun stuff is that the blog has a whole lot of information to share. Don't wait till it's after dark, go visit Claire After Dark now.
*This is a blog review entry for Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest*


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